Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Weekend

Well we have had a busy last few days. Wednesday bright and early I had to take Parker to Children's Hospital to have his upper GI done. This should have been a rather easy procedure for most but no not for Parker. He has to make everything complicated. (It's how he has been since birth) We were just supposed to show up, drink some "magic juice", and take some pics of his insides to see if he has acid reflux. We got there and everything was fine until we walked into the room and I started to sit him down. He freaked! So we had to strap him to a bored and put him in the x-ray machine and make him drink. They got the first set of pics done relatively easy but with much screaming. The next part he was not going to do. We were supposed to get him to drink 8 more ounces of magic juice (contrast). He drank a little bit for me as long as I held him but he would not drink it fast enough for the test to work so they had to put in a NG tube. NO FUN! He was screaming and gaging like crazy. We finally got all the stuff in his stomach to take the rest of the pics. I still do not have the results even though they told me I would have them Thurs. They have made it to Parker's Dr.'s office but they still have not got back with me. I was supposed to hear something from them Friday but they never called back. They will be getting a call from me in the morning. I am ready to figure out what we need to do next. I am pretty sure that he has acid reflux from his symptoms and also just from what I saw on the x-ray (even though I am not a Dr.) I just have to wait for the official report. After all the testing was over he was back to his bouncy self. He even got to get 2 prizes from the toy chest. We left with a stuffed dog and a little car. They said he could have 2 since he was so good. If that was so good I would hate to see what bad was. :) While we were waiting for out car Parker and Mema played with his new car outside. Then me wanted to go home with Mema. We went to her house and visited with Papa, Mema, and Aunt Katie. We had a fun day minus the testing!

Friday and Saturday we just hung out and ran some errands. Parker has been busy helping Kris work outside clearing the brush and trimming the trees. He really likes to ride on the new tractor. They have got tons done in the past few days. Today they worked on it some more. I was inside feeling horrible. So Kris was trying to keep Parker out of my hair. They were mowing on the tractor for a long time and then Kris came in carrying Parker. I guess all the work made him really sleepy and he fell asleep on the tractor. Too bad I don't have a pic of that.

Sunday we woke up, got ready, and drove to Stillwater for the day to visit the Burts. The kids were really excited to play with each other. They actually played really well for the most part. They played hard all day. Parker's favorite thing to do was drive a bike or car up and down the hall all day long. We went out to eat for lunch a Buffalo Wild Wings and then we went to Blockbuster. They were having a giant sale on movies. Kris and I bought some new kid movies for Parker. We then went back to the Burts and hung out. It was good to get to see them for awhile and to be able to see their new house and they even fed us dinner. It has been a good weekend (other than me feeling sick all day today)


  1. Yep! Finally after much delay! It took a week as opposed to the 1 to 2 days that I was told. Grrr! But yes it does have acid reflux! They put him on some medicine so we shall see!