Friday, September 25, 2009

Discovery Toys

Hey just to let everyone know I am now selling discovery toys for kids. If you are interested in hosting a party or ordering something let me know.

I have decided to give this a whirl I am excited and hope it goes well. I want to continue to stay home with Parker but be able to make some money as well. I have just received my kit and the top selling 18 toys. Parker has been busy since we got it. I can't wait the toys are very fun. I have been playing with him as well. They are very neat.

I will be having a grand opening party probably the end of Oct. or beginning of Nov. so I will be sure to let everyone know for sure when it will be. If you have any questions let me know.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home from the hospital

We finally got to get out of the hospital. Perhaps we were a bit tricking in getting out but you gotta do what you gotta do. My mom and I had to force Parker to take his meds and drink (most of which he spit out). I knew that he would do much better once we got home.

When we got home I was able to get him to take Tylenol and my mom was able to bribe him into taking his antibiotic with a sucker. Then I was off to bed. I had very little sleep and felt like a zombie. I slept for a couple of hours and I guess Parker did too. When I got up he seemed to be feeling pretty good. He played and was talking and was almost his normal self. We even convinced him to take a bath. He made a giant mess splashing in the water and throwing a rag but it made him happy. He got Mema very wet and she even had to change clothes. But at least he was happy. Mema decided that she would leave since he was doing so good. After she left he ate 3 Popsicles and wanted to play outside until Daddy came home.

He played outside more once Daddy came home and then he sat still for 2 min. and fell fast asleep. It was really too late for a nap and too early for bed time so I let him take a short power nap and then woke him up. He played more and was peppy. Kris and I were even able to convince him to take his pain medicine which tastes terrible. I was so excited because that means I would only have to wake him up once instead to twice in the middle of the night.

He went to bed about 9pm without a whine. He was still sound asleep when I had to wake him up at 2am for more meds. He was not happy I woke him up and I had to force the medicine down but he went right back to sleep.

When he woke up this morning he was grumpy and did not want to his medicine but I managed to get it down. Today has been a rough day for him. (Everyone said this day would probably be the worst....and so far it has.) He has had moments of happiness but mostly lost of whining. I am hoping this is the worst of it. I am ready for things to be back to normal.

Tonsil Adventures

Tuesday morning bright and early Parker and I left for the hospital. We arrived, signed in, and waited... Mema and Papa showed up and hang out with us while we waited and to sit with me while Parker was in surgery. They finally called us back. We went back and Parker instantly knew something was up. He did not want to sit in the chair of wear the "special pajamas". We finally got him to cooperate for a little bit at least long enough to take his vitals. Still no luck with the pj's. The hospital has volunteers that make hats for the kids to wear into surgery. Parker choose a spider man one after much deliberation. There were too many choices for him. Then he wanted to sit in a different chair. I guess he thought that if he was in a different chair he would not have to do anything. So he sat in the other chair and Mema told him he was going to have his tonsils out and pointed to her throat. Parker proceeded to do the same. It was very cute. The dr. decided that we should give him so medicine by mouth before they took him back to make him sleepy. Once the meds kicked in the fun began. He was very funny. He decided that he wanted down to walk around. He was standing by me when the dr. came in and patted him on the head...Parker fell over because he was so sleepy. I picked him up and held him on my lap while he stuck his hands in the air and watched them. He was also very intrigued by his bands on his ankle. He finally decided he would let me put on his pj's. They finally came and took Parker back for surgery he was very good and did not even cry when he left.

After surgery he was in lots of pain and they had to give him meds 3 times in recovery and then I finally got to see him. He was really out of it but crying a lot. They had be try to get him to drink something and he didn't want to. We finally got a bit of water down him. Then he needed more meds and when we gave them to him he turned blue because he would not swallow and was throwing a fit. It was a little scary and brought lots of memories back of him being in the NICU when he was born. He finally calmed down and they transferred us to our room. (He had to stay overnight since he was under 3) When we got the the room he ate a Popsicle and watched a movie and cat napped. He was a little fussy and hated his meds. The day was really long but he did good all things considered.

That evening Daddy and Uncle Kenny came to see him for awhile. They entertained him for awhile by trying their hands at making balloon animals and Parker could draw on them. He even laughed. Before Daddy left Parker was getting really sleepy and wanted to lay on the floor it was the only thing that would make him happy. I have no idea why. I thought he was going to fall asleep but then he popped up and wanted to sit in the window and watch the cars and see the lights. He did well through the night for the most part. I could not sleep though.

We were told in the morning that we could go home at soon as would take his meds and drink 4 oz. It took awhile and we basically had to force it down but I knew he would do much better at home. We finally left around 10:15am.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just to catch up!

Our last week has been busy and exciting. My Aunt Barrie (left) came to visit which I mentioned in my last blog and on Wed. Eileen Cook (right) also came. So needless to say we had 2 famous authors staying with us. We really enjoyed having them. Parker enjoyed having them here so he had someone else to play with. He insisted on getting out almost every toy he has so they could see them. My aunt is a speech pathologist and is very good at giving me little exercises to do with Parker since he was born. I was excited to see how she thought he was doing and apparently it is paying off. He seems to be on target. We had many late nights because we stayed up late talking and many early mornings but it was all worth it. Parker was very sleepy after his fun filled week and on the way to the mall Sat. He fell asleep. It is rarely happens. He is not a car sleeper for the most part but he was past going. I could not resist taking his picture it was too cute.

Yesterday Kris and I went to the OK State Fair. We had fun and ate way to much. (although not as much as I have eaten in the past)! We has a good day walking through the buildings and I have even decided to start selling Discovery Toys. I think that they are really neat and it is a way to earn some extra money. I am really excited. It is actually something that I have been thinking about for awhile but just finally decided to do it. Hopefully it will pay off.

Today I have spent a large portion of the day cleaning the house and getting caught up on laundry that I have been neglecting this week. I am trying to everything in order before tomorrow when Parker has his tonsils taken out. We are supposed to be at the hospital at 6am and the surgery should be at 8am. Since Parker is only 2 1/2 he has to spend the night to make sure he is drinking like he needs to be. We don't want him to get dehydrated. It should be an adventure spending the night. Hopefully he will do well and we will be on the road to recovery and have no more strep throat.

In other news: Our grass is really starting to take off. I know that I have mentioned it before but this time I thought I would include a pic. (Yes I am a dork and I took a pic of it) I realize it may not look like much but it is a big improvement compared to what we started out with. (besides the sod)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Company has arrived!

Saturday evening my "Famous Aunt Barrie" arrived from San Diego. I have been looking forward to her arrival since last Sept. When she is here it is filled with fun times, adventures to Holdenville, and of course many uber late nights. The first night she was here we were up until 2am chatting and catching up. We also helped Kris hang some stuff in the kitchen. I much say he did a great job. The next morning we got up early and got ready to go to Holdenville to visit family and also so she could do a school presentation at Moss. We had a great uneventful drive filled with good conversation and Parker was very good in the car which is saying alot. We took a different way to Holdenville than normal since I have moved going down highway 9 is much faster. I usually am not a fan of Hwy 9 because it is 2 lanes and I don't feel it is very safe but for the sake of time I did it anyway. It was actually not that bad and we even passed a place called the Hix Trading Post. I wanted to stop and take a pic but didn't because of time restrictions. We were supposed to be meeting family for lunch and we got a later start than planned.

After lunch we went to my Grandparents house to hang out. It was good to see everyone. Parker had fun playing with his cousins and drawing with Ava. Later that night Barrie and I stayed up late trying to figure out stuff for her presentation the next morning.

Monday we got up early (Parker stayed with Granny) and went with Grandpa to Barrie's speech at the school. I helped carry her stuff in and manned the mouse during the power point. She did a great job and the kids and stuffed really seemed to enjoy her being there. She stayed all day talking to many groups of students. I went back to see how Parker was so Granny could go listen to the next speech. Parker and I ran around and played. He really liked riding the plastic horse and the stick horse. When Barrie got home more company came over to visit and eat dinner. We did not leave until 8:30pm to come back home.

The drive back was a bit more of an adventure. We had to get gas before we really got on the road and we also stopped for a Diet Coke from Sonic (Parker got some tots) It was UBER dark traveling on Hwy 9 and Parker was really grumpy. (perhaps because he could not see anything or maybe he was just moody). I kept thinking that there was somewhere up the road so I could pull over and change places with Aunt Barrie so I could deal with Parker seeing as how he did not want her to do anything (even though she is much nicer and far more patient than me). I never found a good place to make the switch so I was at a stop sign on a very dark road and decided that was as good a place as any to do the we jump out and did a Chinese fire drill. Then we were on our way once again. Parker eventually settled down and watched Harry and the Hendersons and Aunt Barrie and I went went on chatting. Finally around 10 we made it home.

Parker was very glad to see Daddy and I was too. Not to mention it is nice to be home with your own bed. I like little vacations but nothing beats your own bed. We had a good rest of the evening and of course stayed up late again but I sure did regret it when Parker some strolling into my room before 7am. YUCK! I convinced him to lay quietly for a bit and then he watched cartoons for a little while. I stayed in bed and cat napped for awhile longer. I was very sleepy. All in all it was a good weekend (at least for the most part)!

In other news... Kris has been working really hard in the yard and around the house trying to get the brush knocked down and getting grass to grow. Today when he got home he discovered that some of the seed he put down is starting to grow. Woo Hoo! The builder includes 5000 sq. ft. of sod but that really doesn't cover much. It just sounds like a lot. Hopefully more of it will continue to take root. I know it's not that exciting for most but it is for us. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Weekend

Well we have had a busy last few days. Wednesday bright and early I had to take Parker to Children's Hospital to have his upper GI done. This should have been a rather easy procedure for most but no not for Parker. He has to make everything complicated. (It's how he has been since birth) We were just supposed to show up, drink some "magic juice", and take some pics of his insides to see if he has acid reflux. We got there and everything was fine until we walked into the room and I started to sit him down. He freaked! So we had to strap him to a bored and put him in the x-ray machine and make him drink. They got the first set of pics done relatively easy but with much screaming. The next part he was not going to do. We were supposed to get him to drink 8 more ounces of magic juice (contrast). He drank a little bit for me as long as I held him but he would not drink it fast enough for the test to work so they had to put in a NG tube. NO FUN! He was screaming and gaging like crazy. We finally got all the stuff in his stomach to take the rest of the pics. I still do not have the results even though they told me I would have them Thurs. They have made it to Parker's Dr.'s office but they still have not got back with me. I was supposed to hear something from them Friday but they never called back. They will be getting a call from me in the morning. I am ready to figure out what we need to do next. I am pretty sure that he has acid reflux from his symptoms and also just from what I saw on the x-ray (even though I am not a Dr.) I just have to wait for the official report. After all the testing was over he was back to his bouncy self. He even got to get 2 prizes from the toy chest. We left with a stuffed dog and a little car. They said he could have 2 since he was so good. If that was so good I would hate to see what bad was. :) While we were waiting for out car Parker and Mema played with his new car outside. Then me wanted to go home with Mema. We went to her house and visited with Papa, Mema, and Aunt Katie. We had a fun day minus the testing!

Friday and Saturday we just hung out and ran some errands. Parker has been busy helping Kris work outside clearing the brush and trimming the trees. He really likes to ride on the new tractor. They have got tons done in the past few days. Today they worked on it some more. I was inside feeling horrible. So Kris was trying to keep Parker out of my hair. They were mowing on the tractor for a long time and then Kris came in carrying Parker. I guess all the work made him really sleepy and he fell asleep on the tractor. Too bad I don't have a pic of that.

Sunday we woke up, got ready, and drove to Stillwater for the day to visit the Burts. The kids were really excited to play with each other. They actually played really well for the most part. They played hard all day. Parker's favorite thing to do was drive a bike or car up and down the hall all day long. We went out to eat for lunch a Buffalo Wild Wings and then we went to Blockbuster. They were having a giant sale on movies. Kris and I bought some new kid movies for Parker. We then went back to the Burts and hung out. It was good to get to see them for awhile and to be able to see their new house and they even fed us dinner. It has been a good weekend (other than me feeling sick all day today)