Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Company has arrived!

Saturday evening my "Famous Aunt Barrie" arrived from San Diego. I have been looking forward to her arrival since last Sept. When she is here it is filled with fun times, adventures to Holdenville, and of course many uber late nights. The first night she was here we were up until 2am chatting and catching up. We also helped Kris hang some stuff in the kitchen. I much say he did a great job. The next morning we got up early and got ready to go to Holdenville to visit family and also so she could do a school presentation at Moss. We had a great uneventful drive filled with good conversation and Parker was very good in the car which is saying alot. We took a different way to Holdenville than normal since I have moved going down highway 9 is much faster. I usually am not a fan of Hwy 9 because it is 2 lanes and I don't feel it is very safe but for the sake of time I did it anyway. It was actually not that bad and we even passed a place called the Hix Trading Post. I wanted to stop and take a pic but didn't because of time restrictions. We were supposed to be meeting family for lunch and we got a later start than planned.

After lunch we went to my Grandparents house to hang out. It was good to see everyone. Parker had fun playing with his cousins and drawing with Ava. Later that night Barrie and I stayed up late trying to figure out stuff for her presentation the next morning.

Monday we got up early (Parker stayed with Granny) and went with Grandpa to Barrie's speech at the school. I helped carry her stuff in and manned the mouse during the power point. She did a great job and the kids and stuffed really seemed to enjoy her being there. She stayed all day talking to many groups of students. I went back to see how Parker was so Granny could go listen to the next speech. Parker and I ran around and played. He really liked riding the plastic horse and the stick horse. When Barrie got home more company came over to visit and eat dinner. We did not leave until 8:30pm to come back home.

The drive back was a bit more of an adventure. We had to get gas before we really got on the road and we also stopped for a Diet Coke from Sonic (Parker got some tots) It was UBER dark traveling on Hwy 9 and Parker was really grumpy. (perhaps because he could not see anything or maybe he was just moody). I kept thinking that there was somewhere up the road so I could pull over and change places with Aunt Barrie so I could deal with Parker seeing as how he did not want her to do anything (even though she is much nicer and far more patient than me). I never found a good place to make the switch so I was at a stop sign on a very dark road and decided that was as good a place as any to do the switch-a-roo...so we jump out and did a Chinese fire drill. Then we were on our way once again. Parker eventually settled down and watched Harry and the Hendersons and Aunt Barrie and I went went on chatting. Finally around 10 we made it home.

Parker was very glad to see Daddy and I was too. Not to mention it is nice to be home with your own bed. I like little vacations but nothing beats your own bed. We had a good rest of the evening and of course stayed up late again but I sure did regret it when Parker some strolling into my room before 7am. YUCK! I convinced him to lay quietly for a bit and then he watched cartoons for a little while. I stayed in bed and cat napped for awhile longer. I was very sleepy. All in all it was a good weekend (at least for the most part)!

In other news... Kris has been working really hard in the yard and around the house trying to get the brush knocked down and getting grass to grow. Today when he got home he discovered that some of the seed he put down is starting to grow. Woo Hoo! The builder includes 5000 sq. ft. of sod but that really doesn't cover much. It just sounds like a lot. Hopefully more of it will continue to take root. I know it's not that exciting for most but it is for us. :)


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  2. Stef, I'm safe and sound and back at home. I miss you. And Kris (maybe you shouldn't tell him!) and Parker. xo
    p.s. Thank you for the compliments. Although I'm not always nice and patient. Just ask my kids. :)
    p.p.s. I would call you to chat, but it is after midnight your time.

  3. Glad you made it. I had a great time with you. Don't worry I won't it might got straight to his head. :) xo!