Monday, September 21, 2009

Just to catch up!

Our last week has been busy and exciting. My Aunt Barrie (left) came to visit which I mentioned in my last blog and on Wed. Eileen Cook (right) also came. So needless to say we had 2 famous authors staying with us. We really enjoyed having them. Parker enjoyed having them here so he had someone else to play with. He insisted on getting out almost every toy he has so they could see them. My aunt is a speech pathologist and is very good at giving me little exercises to do with Parker since he was born. I was excited to see how she thought he was doing and apparently it is paying off. He seems to be on target. We had many late nights because we stayed up late talking and many early mornings but it was all worth it. Parker was very sleepy after his fun filled week and on the way to the mall Sat. He fell asleep. It is rarely happens. He is not a car sleeper for the most part but he was past going. I could not resist taking his picture it was too cute.

Yesterday Kris and I went to the OK State Fair. We had fun and ate way to much. (although not as much as I have eaten in the past)! We has a good day walking through the buildings and I have even decided to start selling Discovery Toys. I think that they are really neat and it is a way to earn some extra money. I am really excited. It is actually something that I have been thinking about for awhile but just finally decided to do it. Hopefully it will pay off.

Today I have spent a large portion of the day cleaning the house and getting caught up on laundry that I have been neglecting this week. I am trying to everything in order before tomorrow when Parker has his tonsils taken out. We are supposed to be at the hospital at 6am and the surgery should be at 8am. Since Parker is only 2 1/2 he has to spend the night to make sure he is drinking like he needs to be. We don't want him to get dehydrated. It should be an adventure spending the night. Hopefully he will do well and we will be on the road to recovery and have no more strep throat.

In other news: Our grass is really starting to take off. I know that I have mentioned it before but this time I thought I would include a pic. (Yes I am a dork and I took a pic of it) I realize it may not look like much but it is a big improvement compared to what we started out with. (besides the sod)

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