Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tonsil Adventures

Tuesday morning bright and early Parker and I left for the hospital. We arrived, signed in, and waited... Mema and Papa showed up and hang out with us while we waited and to sit with me while Parker was in surgery. They finally called us back. We went back and Parker instantly knew something was up. He did not want to sit in the chair of wear the "special pajamas". We finally got him to cooperate for a little bit at least long enough to take his vitals. Still no luck with the pj's. The hospital has volunteers that make hats for the kids to wear into surgery. Parker choose a spider man one after much deliberation. There were too many choices for him. Then he wanted to sit in a different chair. I guess he thought that if he was in a different chair he would not have to do anything. So he sat in the other chair and Mema told him he was going to have his tonsils out and pointed to her throat. Parker proceeded to do the same. It was very cute. The dr. decided that we should give him so medicine by mouth before they took him back to make him sleepy. Once the meds kicked in the fun began. He was very funny. He decided that he wanted down to walk around. He was standing by me when the dr. came in and patted him on the head...Parker fell over because he was so sleepy. I picked him up and held him on my lap while he stuck his hands in the air and watched them. He was also very intrigued by his bands on his ankle. He finally decided he would let me put on his pj's. They finally came and took Parker back for surgery he was very good and did not even cry when he left.

After surgery he was in lots of pain and they had to give him meds 3 times in recovery and then I finally got to see him. He was really out of it but crying a lot. They had be try to get him to drink something and he didn't want to. We finally got a bit of water down him. Then he needed more meds and when we gave them to him he turned blue because he would not swallow and was throwing a fit. It was a little scary and brought lots of memories back of him being in the NICU when he was born. He finally calmed down and they transferred us to our room. (He had to stay overnight since he was under 3) When we got the the room he ate a Popsicle and watched a movie and cat napped. He was a little fussy and hated his meds. The day was really long but he did good all things considered.

That evening Daddy and Uncle Kenny came to see him for awhile. They entertained him for awhile by trying their hands at making balloon animals and Parker could draw on them. He even laughed. Before Daddy left Parker was getting really sleepy and wanted to lay on the floor it was the only thing that would make him happy. I have no idea why. I thought he was going to fall asleep but then he popped up and wanted to sit in the window and watch the cars and see the lights. He did well through the night for the most part. I could not sleep though.

We were told in the morning that we could go home at soon as would take his meds and drink 4 oz. It took awhile and we basically had to force it down but I knew he would do much better at home. We finally left around 10:15am.

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