Monday, August 31, 2009

Enjoying the Outdoors

This evening after Kris got home and we ate dinner we decided to go outside to enjoy the nice weather. I decided I would sit on the porch watch Kris and Parker. Parker told Kirs that he wanted to "hunt". This is code for watch Kris shoot arrows at a target deer. It is really quite entertaining. Parker stands next to Daddy with his water gun and shoots at the deer and says things like "aw man" and "almost!" These are all funny when hearing it from our 2 year old. The best part though is seeing them interact and having a conversation. When they came back from pulling out the arrows Parker told me they shot the deer in the booty! Then Kris thought it would be fun to see how far the arrow would go if he held the bow up in the air and shot...the answer is far enough that he came about 4 feet from me and about 2 feet from a near death experience for our dog Snicker doodle. I really wish that I could capture the funny banter between Parker and Kris but its not working. I have a feeling that this "hunting" is going to be something that Parker is going to want me and him to do when we are home during the day. I assure you it will not be happening. Needless to say this has been my failed attempt to capture this funny situation. I have a couple of videos that I will put up but every time I tried to record it Parker knew and would not say the funny things I wanted him to say. Here are a couple that were okay! One of them he is telling me about shooting the deer in the booty and then other one he is telling me that he shot the deer in the jugular!


  1. I like that he's trying to say "jugular"'s funny!

  2. I know. The whole thing was so funny words just can't describe the 2 hour adventure.