Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Sleeping under the Stars"

Yesterday was a very busy day. Parker and I got up early because he had a Dr. appointment to attempt to figure out what is causing a rash on the bottom of his feet. The Dr. did not have much of a guess. Just told me to put some over the counter cream on them and make him wear socks for a few days and see if he is reacting to the new carpet or something else in the house. (Glad I paid money for nothing) I could have figured that out on my own. But better to be safe than sorry I guess. After that we went with my parents to Holdenville to see my Grandparents new house and visit. It was a quick trip but it was good to see them. When we got home it was immediately time for me to leave to go to church. I was really tired my the time I got done. I just wanted to get home and relax.

We got home and I was getting ready to put Parker to bed when all of a sudden the lights went out. I don't mean out for a few minutes I mean out for hours. Parker was freaking out since he could not have his nightlight. I tried to convince him that it would be cool to "sleep under the stars" (we just put glow in the dark stars on his ceiling)! He was interested for a minute but wanted me to lay down with him which is never a good thing. He just lays there and stares at me. No sleeping. I eventually resorted to rocking him to sleep. Hopefully this is not a new habit we are going to form. He is too old for that.

After I finally got him to sleep I was really thirsty and went to get something to drink...since we are now on a well and the electricity was out that was not happening. We need the electricity to run the pump for the well. So I decided there was nothing else to do and we would just go to bed. At 4am Kris and I awoke to a terrible noise. The electricity was back on and I guess the well pump (that is on the other side of our Bedroom) had to readjust from being off so long. The toilets also were making terrible noises. I guess this could be a downfall to being on a well. It eventually all settled back down in time for us to sleep for a tad bit longer before Kris had to get up for work. Needless to say my need to sleep has continued all day long. Parker is still terrified to sleep (so no nap today) because of the storm last night! I even tried telling him it was just God watering the plants and animals so they could grow big and strong and I told him the lightning was the angles bowling. He still will not sleep. He just wants to sit up and talk about God, animals, and bowling. I am fine with all that but not when its time to sleep. I am really hoping he will be too tired to think about it tonight at bed time. We need some sleep!

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