Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Fun

Yesterday Chance and Ava came home with us after church so Crystal and Brian could go out. Considering the night before Parker did not go to bed until midnight everyone got along very well. I decided on the way home and would get them all happy meals and we would eat outside since the weather was really nice. They all enjoyed eating outside and thought it was really fun. After we all ate our lunch they decided that they wanted to play outside for awhile. I think Chance and Ava were really excited about all of the space. They just ran around for a bit and then they found Parker's little power wheels. It is a small one and is actually too small for Chance but he insisted that Parker wanted to to try it. How do I argue with that. They were all being too cute. Chance really liked the power wheels and told me I should get a real 4-wheeler that he could ride. I actually continued by telling me that there was actually one in my Garage. That was news to me. I had never seen one. After much thinking I figured out he was talking about the riding lawn mower. How funny. I then proceeded to tell him what it actually was and he was very disappointed. They continued to play with the little one for a bit longer. Since it does not drive well in the grass Chance would carry it up the small hill and Ava and Parker took turns riding down the hill. Who knew they could get along so well. We eventually went in and and they played inside for awhile until it was time for Parker's nap. While he was laying down Ava watched Chance play super Nintendo. Then they wanted to go outside. While they were roaming around I got some painting done on a shelf for Parker's room. I feel like I was very productive and everyone got to play. Did I mention I even cleaned the house in between all the excitement.


  1. What a cute neice and nephew you!

  2. I know right! My niece looks just like me! :)