Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Sleepless Night

This evening I went to youth girls night at church. We had lots of fun. We made little octopus out of yarn and they have little wiggly eyes. They are very cute. Our plan is to take them to kids that are sick in the hospital. Our fearless leader of girls night got the pattern off of the Internet. It said kids ages 6 and up could make these. She thought for sure it would be really simple and we could make several of them during our 2 hours of fun along with watching a Nooma video. I am not sure what the people that said 6 and up were thinking but it was a bit more difficult than any of us were thinking. Not that we were unable to make them but it took considerably more time to do them and it was a bit tedious. Along the way we got faster and worked out some of the kinks. The girls seemed to have lots of fun and are really excited about taking them to the hospital. Since we did not get as many made as we originally thought we have decided we will hang on to them awhile longer and at out next girls night make something else and so on and so forth and then take a bunch of stuff around the holidays. Here is a pic of our little octopus. They are actually much cuter in person.

While I was gone Parker went to stay at his Aunt Crystal and Uncle Brian's house to have a fun filled evening playing with his cousins and spending some quality time with them. From what I hear he had a great time and was very hyper. When I heard this I immediately thought ... "he will sleep good tonight"! Boy was I wrong. He came home and wanted to lay down with Daddy so I put him in bed thinking he would for sure fall asleep and then I would move him to his bed. I checked in on him in 30 min and he was wide awake. I then took him to his bed anyway and told him I would lay down with him. 30 min. later he is still wide awake. I gave up and am going to let him cry it out. Scared or not he has got to sleep it is almost midnight and we have church tomorrow and a fun filled afternoon with the cousins at our house. The thunderstorm we had a few nights ago has completely ruined his sleeping. I don't want to be a "mean mom" but really he has to sleep. He has never been scared of storms before. I am not sure where this new found fear has come from but it need to go away and quick. It is going to be a long day with a grumpy 2 year old tomorrow. Wish us luck.


  1. Did I know you had a blog???? It's too late to wish you good luck with Parker; I'll just assume he was an angel yesterday!

  2. I just got one last week. My sis made me. Parker was actually really good all things considered.