Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend of Fun

On Friday I worked all day at a craft fair in Norman selling Discovery toys...Yes I know they are not crafts but they wanted me there anyway. It was fun to get out and interact with adults for a change. I met some really nice people and didn't do to shabby on sales either. All in all it was a productive day and a special thanks to my parents for watching Parker all day. While Parker was at Mema and Papa's he decided he wanted to take some pics. with my camera he is getting really good at it. Here is a picture that he took of the sucker fish in their aquarium I was impressed when I looking at the pictures that I uploaded to my computer and found this one.

After I picked up Parker he and I went to our friends house for a very yummy dinner. Kris had to work on a side job so it was just me and Parker. We had a great time hanging out and Parker had fun playing with the kiddos. Kristin and Parker even stopped to pose for this adorable picture. This has to be one of my new favorites. I enjoyed getting to hang out with Chris and Amanda it had been awhile since we had seen them.

Saturday was a very busy and exciting day. It was Kris's (Daddy's) birthday and it was also Uncle Kenny's and Parker's best fri
end Audri's birthday. We got up early did a few things around the house and then Parker and Daddy went outside to work in the yard for awhile before we had to leave. Parker really enjoys helping Daddy on the tractor and work on tearing out an old fence at the back of our property. After that Parker and I went to Stillwater for Audri's birthday party. He was very excited to get to see Audri and "baby Ean" it has been about a month since he was seen them. They had a great time playing and for the most part they all got along. They even had a band with Parker on guitar, Audri on Drums, Genni on the maraca and vocals, and Ean dancing. It was very cute. Luckily it lasted long enough for me to even catch it on video. There was fun to be had by all. It was good to see everyone especially the Burts. We really miss not living down the street from each them.

Parker and I had to jet out early because we were also going to a party for Uncle Kenny/Daddy. It was very fun and Parker was really cute. He insisted on opening all of Kenny's gift and he was excited when the OU cake came out he started chanting OU! OU! OU! and started clapping and said "Mommy, Uncle Kenny's favorite! It was sweet. He was a bit concerned that there were not you can see he was been to alot of parties and know how it's supposed to work. Sunday we got ready and went to church it had been a couple of weeks since we were all able to go since Parker had his surgery. Parker was happy to go to class and see all his friends. After church we went to eat and went running around for a bit. Then we came home and Parker took a nap. When he woke up Parker and I made cookies to surprise Daddy. He was out spending his birthday money on hunting stuff. They were not as good as Grandma's but they were good and Daddy was happy to have them.

It was a fun filled weekend.

P.S. I am having trouble getting things positioned right and I give up sorry if its a mess. My computer is acting weird.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Kris!! (Yesterday was Drew's!) And way to go on the Discovery Toys!!

  2. Thanks I will pass on the info. Happy Belated Birthday to Drew as well.