Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good bye Paci, Hello trouble!

Shortly after Parker had his surgery he lost his pacifier. We came home one evening and it was time for bed. I told Parker to go get his paci and blankie and head to bed. This is how life has been pretty much since he was born. No big deal. It's bed time and he goes to bed... I wish I remember what that was like. :) On this particular day he could not find his paci. It was in fact missing. I turned over the couch, love seat, and all the cushions... No paci! I looked in his bed, under his bed, in his bag, in my pocket, in my room, and every other place I could think of...No paci! Finally I thought to myself this is ridiculous. Parker has an amazing ability to find things that are missing or misplaced I should just ask him. So I did. He looked and looked and came running in and told me he couldn't find it. I calmly told him if he did not find it bed time was in 5 minutes with or without the paci. 5 minutes later sill no paci and it was bed time. He went to bed and cried for a few minutes but eventually went to sleep. The next day was the same he kept asking for it and I told him if he found it he could have it but I had no idea where it was. We made it though a nap and another night with out it. I thought to myself this isn't so bad! That's when I found it in the spare room under the bed. I stayed strong and continued with my story that it was still missing since it seemed to be going better than I had expected. That was the end of that.

The next several weeks that have followed have been awful. He will not stay in bed no matter how many times I put him back. One night this went on for over an hour and over 50 times of not saying anything just putting him back in his bed and walking out. (Yes I was counted! Not sure why but I did) I have tried everything from laying down with him, tickling his back, reading books, and even skipping naps! Nothing is working very well. I have been laying down with him and it seems to work the best but I usually fall asleep and that aggravates me because I like my "me time" while his is napping and my time with Kris in the evening. If I would have know this process was going to be so awful I would have given it back to him when I found it. I don't care what anyone else thinks. He is my kid and I can do what I want. Like my sis says "he won't go to college with it!" Still there are days I want to give it back because life would be easier but I haven't I keep thinking it will get better. But I am not sure how much longer I can last. I need him to just lay down and go to sleep.

Here is one of the last pics before he lost his pacy!

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  1. Happy New Year, Stef! (Is getting back to blogging one of your resolutions. ;) )